Pomegranate Shower Gel 250ml - Dr.Organic - Crisdietética

Pomegranate Shower Gel 250ml - Dr.Organic

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Dr.Organic Pomegranate Shower Gel 250ml

Shower gel with refreshing, soothing and antioxidant action.
Without parabens, SLS, dyes or artificial fragrances.
Refreshing shower gel, which has the key ingredient of organic Pomegranate, combined with Aloe Vera.
Provides antioxidant protection with a refreshing, gentle and effective cleansing for the body.
Formulated to help maintain skin hydration and elasticity, it leaves it perfectly clean, balanced, soft and yet with a lovely texture.
Usage Suggestions:
How to use: apply to damp skin with a sponge or glove while bathing or showering. Massage to foam and rinse with warm water.

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