Shower Gel with Coconut Oil 250ml - Dr.Organic - Crisdietética

Shower Gel with Coconut Oil 250ml - Dr.Organic

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Dr.Organic Coconut Oil Shower Gel 250ml

Shower gel that nourishes and provides regenerating, fresh and invigorating action. Without parabens, SLS, dyes or artificial fragrances.
Virgin Coconut Oil is recognized for its nourishing and moisturizing properties.
It is highly rich in medium chain triglycerides, which moisturize the skin.
Combining this rich natural ingredient with a mixture of biological and bioactive ingredients, this shower gel leaves the body regenerated, refreshed and energized.
Usage Suggestions:
How to use: apply to damp skin with a sponge or shampoo during the bath or shower. Massage to foam and rinse with warm water.

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