Fructose (Fruit Sugar) 500g - Provided - Chrysdietetic

Fructose (Fruit Sugar) 500g - Provided

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Fructose (Fruit Sugar) 500g from Provida

Fructose is also known as levulose, with no odor and a very sweet taste. It is tolerated by diabetics, has a sweetening power and therefore less is needed. It is low in calories so it can be used in weight loss diets. Ingredients Crystalline fructose (Laevulose).


Nutritional Declaration per 100g: Energy - 1700kJ / 400kcal; Lipids - 0g of which saturated - 0; Carbohydrates - 100g of which sugars - 100g; Fiber - 0g; Proteins - 0g; Salt- 0g.


Use in sweets and natural pastries in cookies, biscuits, puddings, gelatins, to sweeten breakfast cereals, yoghurts, coffee, drinks, etc. STORE IN A DRY AND FRESH PLACE

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