Spelled Flakes BIO 400gr - Provida - Chrysdietética

Spelled Flakes BIO 400gr - Provida

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Spelled Flakes BIO 400gr - Provida

Breakfast cereals.

- Produced through steaming and subsequent lamination of spelled grain.
- This pre-preparation makes them more versatile and apt for numerous uses, easier to prepare.
- They are rich in fiber, source of protein and low in salt.


  • Wholemeal SPELLED WHEAT from organic production.
  • PT-BIO-04 Origin: EU.

Nutritional Statement 
Per 100g:

Energy - 1423kJ/336,7kcal; Lipids - 1,6g, of which saturated - 0,27g; Carbohydrates - 64g, of which sugars - 6,82g; Fiber - 9g; Proteins -12g; Salt - 0,03g.

How to use 
They can be used in the preparation of muesli. Also suitable for breakfast and snack added to your favorite drink, or as an ingredient in baking and confectionery recipes.

Packing with 400gr.

Store in a cool, dry place. 

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