Organic Fine Oat Flakes 400g - Provida - Crisdietética

Bio Fine Oat Flakes 400g - Provida

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Bio Fine Oat Flakes 400g - Provida


- Ideal for porridge.
- Ready-to-use steamed oat flakes.
- It has a pleasant taste and a high fiber content.
- Protein source.


  • OATS from organic production.
  • PT-BIO-04 Origin: Finland.

Nutritional Statement
Per 100g:

Energy - 1551kJ/368kcal; Lipids - 7,6g, saturated fats - 1,3g; Carbohydrates - 56g, of which sugars - 1,1g; Fiber - 10g; Proteins - 14g; Salt - 0,01g; Iron - 4,25mg (30%VRN*); Phosphorus- 410mg (58%VRN*); Magnesium - 138mg (36%VRN*), Potassium - 362mg (18%VRN*). *VRN - Nutrient reference value.

Pack of 400 grams.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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