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Integral Oatmeal BIO 500gr - Provida

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Provida Integral Oatmeal BIO 500gr

Oats are known to grow in temperate zones. They have a low tolerance for hot summers, but they have a high tolerance for water and cold. That is why they are widely grown in Europe and North America. THE Oatmeal it is particularly popular in Scotland, where historians have recorded many cases of oats being a part of Scottish culture.

A oatmeal flour grew in the 18th and 19th centuries. Oatmeal it was very cheap, easy to grow, people started to consume them as cereals. Oatmeal it is popular today because of its numerous health benefits. According to a recent study, the oatmeal flour can help you feel fuller than Oatmeal


Nutritional Value of Oat Flour: 

A Oatmeal (100 g) contains energy (380 calories), protein (13 g), fat (6,5 g), carbohydrate (67 g), in the fiber diet (10 g) and a low sugar content (1 g ). There are many minerals and vitamins found in grains of Oatmeal. Some of them include calcium (52 mg),Iron (4 mg), magnesium (138 mg), phosphorus (410 mg),potassium(362 mg), sodium (6 mg), zinc (3 mg), Thiamin (0,4 mg), riboflavin (0,1 mg), niacin (1,1 mg), vitamin b6 (0,1 mg), folic acid (32 mcg), vitamin E (0,42 mg)vitamin k (2 mg). In addition Oatmeal contains zero cholesterol.

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