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Eye C - 60 Capsules

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Lifeplan's Eye C supplement combines essential nutrients for the treatment and maintenance of good eye health. Formula rich in antioxidants and with ophthalmoprotective properties, helps to neutralize free radicals, improves vision and protects against macular degeneration (eye disease, which occurs in the macula, the most noble region of the retina, responsible for central vision) related to aging. Eye C acts in the prevention of cataracts, retinopathies in diabetics and glaucoma. Improves night vision and tired eyes, increasing reading ability and focus of vision.

(1 caps.) - vitamin E - (Natural form) 40 mg, 333% DDR; zinc citrate -10 mg; 100% DDR; vitamin C -80 mg, 100% DDR; vitamin B2 (riboflavin) -10 mg, 714% DDR; vitamin B3 (niacin) -10 mg, 62% DDR; vitamin B6 -10mg, 714% DDR; Selenium -31µg, 56% DDR; Dunaliella salina -10 mg, with Beta-carotene -1 mg, equivalent to 1667UI of vitamin A, 61% DDR; further supplies: taurine -50 mg; Lutein -20 mg; Mirtlo extract -50 mg, equivalent to 200 mg of fresh blueberry; Grapefruit Extract -50 mg, equivalent to 500 mg of fresh grapefruit; Goji Berry extract-5 mg equivalent to 20 mg of fresh Goji berries; zeaxanthin-1 mg

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