Organic Split Peas 500g - Celnat - Crisdietética

Organic Split Peas 500g - Celnat

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Organic Split Peas 500g from Celnat

Organic split split peas.


The pea was initially grown in Central Asia, and was also grown in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Ethiopia.

The domestication of the pea took place about 10.000 years ago.




Usage Suggestions:
Broken peas can be used to make delicious purees and soups or be added to brown rice or various cooked vegetables, Indian style, with various spices (saffron, cumin or garam masala). They can also be used to make cakes or gratins with cereals and vegetables.

Soak the peas for at least 1 hour. Pour the water out and cook for 45 minutes over low heat, 2,5 times its volume in salted water.
To facilitate digestion, add some cumin seeds, fennel, fennel or kombu algae to the cooking water.

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