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Donkey Milk Cream + Coq10 Premium 50g - Elegant

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Donkey Milk Cream + Coq10 Premium 50g from Elegante


Donkey Milk Cream is an excellent cream to protect the skin against aging. Donkey milk Rich in dairy proteins, vitamins A and E, calcium and minerals, it has restorative and renewing properties, contributing to the elasticity and vitality of the skin, reflecting on a younger and more beautiful skin. Donkey milk has proteins that, in addition to hydrating, help to form a continuous film on the surface of the skin, which causes a skin smoothing. They also help to preserve the skin from aging. Ubiquinone, also called coenzyme Q10, has a powerful antioxidant action, it is very effective in protecting the skin against premature aging, fighting wrinkles and age spots.

Dosage and Administration:
Apply in the morning and at bedtime, massaging in a circular motion.

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