Echinacea toothpaste - A. Vogel - Chrysdietética

Echinacea toothpaste - A. Vogel

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Helps maintain skin and good condition. Contains fresh echinacea extract


Benefits and characteristics of echinacea toothpaste

  • Helps maintain good oral health
  • Made from freshly harvested echinacea extracts
  • organic farming
  • No animal testing

Fresh plant extracts: bloodthirsty, echinacea, blueberry leaves, licorice root, essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus and mint essence.
This toothpaste contains plants that contribute to oral hygiene and keep your mouth healthy.
It does not contain lauryl sulfate, a known substance that can contribute to the appearance of changes in the membranes of the oral mucosa and can cause thrush and ulcers.

Directions for use: 
Apply a small amount of paste on the brush and rub your teeth. Rinse very well. Use whenever necessary. 
You should not use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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