Buddha Awakening (Pineapple & Wheat Herb) BIO 360gr - Celeiro da Saúde Lda

Buddha Awakening (Pineapple & Wheat Herb) BIO 360gr

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Biological Ingredients: Buckwheat, Lucuma powder, Ground Chia (10%), Pineapple powder (10%), Ground flaxseed, Coconut Sugar, Sprouted Buckwheat, Ground almond (6%), Powdered Wheat Herb (2 %). Certified by Certiplanet PT-BIO-04. ALLERGEN WARNING: Gluten free. Contains almonds.


Nutritional Declaration per 100g: Energy - 1289 Kj / 308 Kcal; Total Lipids - 11g, of which saturated - 2,9g, of which monounsaturated - 2,1g, of which polyunsaturated - 6,0g; Carbohydrates - 39,4g, of which sugars - 15,1; Fibers - 16,6g; Proteins - 12,8g; Salt - 0,06g; Potassium - 720mg; Magnesium - 150mg; Iron - 4,5mg. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Omega 3 - 4.3g / 100g; Omega 6 - 1.7g / 100g


Directions: 4 tablespoons of Awakening d Buddha. Add water, milk or an alternative vegetable drink. Mix well. Complement with goji´s & banana. STORE IN A FRESH AND DRY ENVIRONMENT. AFTER OPENING STORE IN THE REFRIGERATOR AND CONSUME IN THREE MONTHS. Instant breakfast mix, made in a few minutes with the simple addition of water or milk! It results from the combination of several raw ingredients, which enrich its nutritional content.

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