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Awakening of Buddha Raspberry Bio 360gr

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Bio Raspberry Buddha Awakening

Instant breakfast mix.

Made in a few minutes with the simple addition of water or vegetable drink. Protein source, satiated and highly digestible is the ideal choice to brighten your breakfast or snack.

High in manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.

Biological Ingredients: Ground buckwheat, sunflower seeds (15%), ground flax seeds, coconut sugar, activated buckwheat, ground chia seeds, chufa flour (7%), and freeze-dried raspberries (5%).

Certiplanet PT-BIO-04. EU / non-EU agriculture. Vegan.

Gluten free. May contain traces of nuts (almonds) and sesame seeds.


Nutritional Declaration per 100g: Energy - 1684kJ / 402kcal; Lipids-15g, of which saturated- 1,8g; Carbohydrates - 45,8g, of which sugars - 11,5g; Fiber- 11,4g; Proteins- 15,2g; Salt - 0.04g; Manganese - 3,1mg (155% VRN *); Magnesium - 185mg (49,3% VRN *); Phosphorus-430mg (61,4% VRN *); Copper - 0,72mg (72% VRN *). * Nutrient Reference Value.

BRAND: Iswari


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