Awakening of Buddha (Hemp Protein) Free from Gluten BIO 360gr - Iswari - Chrysdietetic

Buddha Awakening (Hemp Protein) S / Gluten BIO 360gr - Iswari

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Awakening of Buddha (Hemp Protein) S / Gluten BIO 360gr by Iswari 

Breakfast for those who lead an active life


Legend has it that Sidarta (Buddha), when profiling the path of enlightenment, was fed for 6 years only by Hemp, the magical plant, for its versatility.

Iswari tries to honor the path of the Grand Masters and also provide great recipes, where Flavor, Health and Wisdom are mixed. Through this alchemy, we wish to contribute to the elevation of the Human being.

This Breakfast is designed for those who lead an active life, do not want to overload the body and just want to eat what it needs, freeing the body from toxic loads and totally unwanted sugars.

With noble foods such as Serraceno Wheat, Flaxseed Seeds, Lucuma and Almond Flour, AWAKENING FROM BUDA, will certainly contribute, at the very least, to a Joyful Awakening and full of Life. Live well!

Ground flax seeds, buckwheat, raw almond flour, coconut sugar (IG 35 & highly nutritious), lucuma, hemp protein and raisin.

Use 4 tablespoons of AWAKENING FROM BUDA, add to your favorite drink (almond, rice, millet, kamut, etc.) or simply with water and stir well. Delicious hot or cold, the ideal is not to heat above 40ºC to maintain the properties of this mixture. Add Gojis or Inca Berries, or you can simply add cereal if you prefer.

Pack of 360g.

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