Roll-On Deodorant 24H Aloe Vera Without Aluminum 50ml - Cattier - Crisdietética

Deodorant Roll-On 24H Aloe Vera Without Aluminum 50ml - Cattier

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Cattier Roll-On 24H Aloe Vera Deodorant 50ml by Cattier

Natural and biological cosmetics 0% alcohol and 0% aluminum salts.
Effectiveness 24h. Aloe vera - salvo.
Tested on sensitive skin.
Leaves no white marks or yellow stains on clothing.
It was specially designed to provide smoothness, comfort and freshness throughout the day. Formulated without alcohol and without aluminum salts, it protects and respects the sensitive skin of the armpits, even recently shaved.
Contains Dermosoft®, a natural, purifying active ingredient that prevents the formation of odors without blocking the natural process of perspiration.
Its gentle scent with notes of cherry blossoms leaves a fragrant and discreet layer on the skin.
• Aloe vera bio: deeply moisturizes, softens, protects and regenerates the epidermis,
• Saves: regulates excessive, purifying sweating,
• Dermosoft® (a natural antibacterial agent): purifies and prevents the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors
• Bisabolol: soothes the epidermis
Usage Suggestions:
Apply on clean, dry underarm skin.

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