Organic Soy Cream 100% Vegetable 250ml - Provamel - Crisdietética

Organic Soy Cooking Cream 100% Vegetable 250ml - Provamel

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Provamel 100% Vegetable Organic Soy Cooking Cream 250ml

From nature, to the dish!
Hot or cold. With this alternative to soy-based cream, you can add an even more tasty touch to your soups, sauces, fruit salads and other dishes.
Great cooks will no longer have limits, now that they have an alternative with only 17% fat.
Directly from the fridge, you can beat the cream until you get a delicious foam to refine your dishes, whether sweet or savory. 
Make your organic dishes a real delight!
Lactose free.
If egg.
Without gluten.

Base of soybean* (water, grains of soybean shelled * 7,9%), sunflower oil * 15%, rice *, emulsifier [lecithins * (soybean)], stabilizer (guar gum *), sea salt. * certified organic farming CERTISYS BE-BIO-01 EU / non-EU agriculture.

Naturally lactose-free and gluten-free.


Average nutritional statement by: 100g
energy 759kJ / 184kcal
lipids 17,0g
of which saturated 2,0g
Carbohydrates 4,3g
of which sugars 2,0 g
fiber 0,7 g
proteins 3,0 g
shawl 0,14 g
Lactose 0g / 100g

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