Instant Chicory BIO 100gr - Crastan - Chrysdietética

Instant Chicory BIO 100gr - Crastan

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Instant Chicory BIO 100gr - Crastan  

- Without gluten.
- Alternative to coffee. 
- Caffeine free. 


  • Biological chicory.

How to use
Put 2-3 teaspoons in a cup and add hot water or milk. 

Nutritional Statement
Per 100 grams: 

Power 1413kJ / 335kcal 
Lipids 0g 
of which 0g saturated 
Carbohydrates 69g 
of which sugars 30g 
Fiber 23g 
Proteins 3,3g
Salt 0,51g

Packing with 100gr. 

Protect from moisture. After use, close the packaging very well and
store in the fridge. Exposure to moisture can cause the formation of
lumps, which in no way compromise its quality. after open
consume within two months.

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