Solid Shampoo Normal Hair 50g - Valquer - Crisdietética

Solid Shampoo Normal Hair 50g - Valquer

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Valquer Solid Hair Normal Shampoo 50g 100% natural 100% effective

Valquer's entire shampoo line has natural ingredients. Among its most prominent ingredients is Grape Seed Oil, which has a high content of fatty acids, oleic and linoleic, which are very important for our hair. It also contains Aloe vera, a common ingredient in all types of cosmetic products due to its excellent soothing and moisturizing properties.

This natural solid shampoo has protective and repairing power for the hair, as well as leaving hair clean, shiny, nourished, hydrated, silky and full of life. All of this naturally

Valquer's solid shampoos are the first without sulfate, soap, vegan and plastic.

Everything mentioned makes these shampoos the only ones on the market with all these benefits.

- Natural ingredients.
- Totally respectful of the environment.
- Softens hair.
- Protective and restorative power.
- Nutritious.
- Silky shiny hair.
- No plastic.
- 100% reduction of plastic in packaging.
- CO2 reduction in transport.
- 100% recycled packaging.
- Vegan.
- Without sulfate and without soap.

Employment Mode:
- Wet the hair and the Shampoo bar with water.
- Rub the tablet on damp hair until the desired foam is obtained.
- Gently massage the scalp.
- Rinse thoroughly with water.

- Store the tablet in a dry place for proper conservation.
- Long-lasting shampoo, lasts longer than a conventional one.

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