Coconut Biscuits 220g - Provida - Chrysdietética

Coconut Cookies Bio 220g - Provida

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Coconut Cookies Bio 220g - Provida

Biscuits, Cookies.

- pThey are light and have a very pleasant taste.
- Does not contain ingredients of animal origin, dyes or preservatives.


  • SPELLED WHEAT flour*, grated coconut* (20%), cane sugar*, coconut oil*, water, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, sea salt. * from organic production. PT-BIO-04 Origin: EU/Non-EU. 
  • Contains gluten.

Nutritional Statement 
Per 100gr:

 Energy - 2243kJ/538kcal; Lipids - 32,2g, of which saturated -29,8g; Carbohydrates - 54,4g, of which sugars - 25,9g; Fiber-2,9g; Proteins-6,1g; Salt-0,5g.

How to use 
As a complement to your breakfast or as a snack combined with tea, coffee or fruit juice.

Packaging with 220 grams.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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