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Biotin 800mcg 90 Tablets

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Per pill: Biotin - 800 mcg
(267% of DDR); Calcium - 20 mg (2%

Despicable values.

Biotin (vitamin H, or B7 or B8) is
an important coenzyme in
protein and hydrate metabolism
carbon dioxide, being fundamental in
use of sugars, starches and
proteins, by the body.
It is a cofactor of pyruvate carboxylase,
very important enzyme in the processes
neoglycogenesis, avoiding the
Biotin is particularly useful in
situations of furunculosis, eczema,
scalp seborrhea, alopecia,
skin, nail and hair diseases,
important metabolic actions and
associated with the energy formation of this
In addition to its properties

metabolic, biotin is used in POSOLOGY:
prevention and treatment of situations Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a
related to your need, day, preferably at mealtime.
usually occurred during the

pregnancy, prolonged feeding PRESENTATION:
serum, deficient nutrition and loss of Bottle with 90 tablets.
quick weight.
It is also recommended in situations of
hair loss, weak nails and
brittle, skin irritation
(seborrheic dermatitis and others),
diabetes, obesity and depression.

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