BIOSPOTIX Indoor Spray 500 ml - Chrysdietética

BIOSPOTIX Indoor Spray 500 ml

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These repellents are a 100% Natural, non-toxic solution to parasite problems in dogs, cats and other animals. A complete solution for your best friend and your home. Repellents are ideal for months with less parasitic pressure, keeping your animals and your home free of these nuisances.


Unlike chemicals, which have neurotoxic effects on insects, BIOSPOTIX® acts mechanically and by contact against fleas and ticks. Its active substance from essential oils of Geraniol dehydrates chitin and blocks the respiratory system of insects. The gas phase of Geraniol promotes the dehydration of eggs and larvae, giving BIOSPOTIX ® excellent ovicidal and larvicidal properties.


BIOSPOTIX has several solutions that adapt to your pet's lifestyle and provide you with greater comfort. Spray, pipette or collar, for animals of all sizes and breeds. Choose the best way to protect your pet against nasty parasites and disease carriers. BIOSPOTIX a 100% NATURAL solution to protect your best friend. 

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