Biolimão Active Draine Woman 500ml - Fharmonat - Chrysdietética

Biolimão Active Draine Woman 500ml - Fharmonat

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Fharmonat Active Draine Woman 500ml Biolimão

Share Pharmacodynamics of Formulas:


It is a formula scientifically designed to act physiologically with a draining action (elimination of accumulated metabolites in the body), thus improving metabolic processes in general and regulating organic functioning. In many people, excess accumulation of metabolites leads to water retention and the accumulation of unnecessary fats. 


Since the metabolism of men is different and fat deposits are predominant in the areas of the torso and belly, an appropriate drainer appears for men. In men, the fibers are thicker and bind to the musculature in an oblique way, with the increase of the fatty tissue, the fibers resist the expansion towards the skin and are fixed in depth, being more difficult the formation of cellulite. It increases the body's detoxification, facilitating the elimination of undesirable substances and increasing diuresis.

With a deep action it accelerates the metabolism, lipolysis (degradation of fats) with incidence in the abdominal area. L-carnitine intensifies the action of muscle definition, promoting the use of free fatty acids for energy. Helps fat metabolism and weight control. 





    Per daily dose:
  • Ext. Hid. Betula alba, Birch - 10g;
  • Ext. Hid. Beta vulgaris, Beet - 10g;
  • Ext. Hid. Rosa canina, Rose Canina - 5g;
  • Ext. Hid. Ficus carica, Fig tree - 5g;
  • Ext. Hid. Cynara scolymus, Artichoke - 5g;


  • Ext. Hid. Nasturtium officinale, Watercress - 5g;
  • Ext. Hid. glutinous alnus, Black Alder - 3g;
  • Ext. Hid. Foeniculum vulgare, Fennel - 3g;
  • Ext. Hid. citriodora lippia, Lucialima - 3g;
  • L-Carnitine - 250mg

How to use:

Dilute 2 tablespoons (20ml) in a half liter bottle of water and drink throughout the morning, and dilute 2 tablespoons (20ml) in a half liter bottle of water and drink throughout the afternoon. 




TOLERATED BY DIABETICS. Preserve from light and heat. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Not recommended for people allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. Store in the original packaging and at a temperature below 25C. 

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