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Beta Carotene 25,000iu 100% Pure 30 Capsules

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Per capsule: 25000 IU (500% of DDR)
of vitamin A from 100% natural source
pure (from Dunaliella seaweed
saline and that contains a complex of
carotenes: 15000 mcg of beta-carotene,
470 mcg of alpha-carotene, 110 mcg of
cryptoxanthin, 90 mcg of zeaxanthin and
70 mcg of lutein); 7 mg complex
additional carotenoids, containing
onoto or achiote oil, concentrated
carrot and lemongrass, seaweed
spirulina and yam powder.

Despicable values.

The constituents found in the seaweed
Dunalliela have an important action
antioxidant, acting in synergy, and
can be a support in diseases
radiation, whenever you want to have
preventive action against bad effects
of these.
It is also a complement to

eye diseases, in particular O achiote, contained in this supplement is
retina, accompanied by difficulties a product extracted from the seeds of the
annatto or Bixa orellana (paprika
The antioxidant components go to Brazil), very rich in vitamin A and
protect cell damage and avoid other vitamins and minerals.
aging, slowing

macula disease or maculopathy, POSOLOGY:
improving vision. Take 1 capsule daily, preferably
Carotenes, precursors of the vitamin to the meal.
A, will also contribute to the

improved night vision. PRESENTATION:
Vitamin A maintains transparency Bottle with 30 soft capsules.
of the cornea and accelerates the healing of

wounds and tissue regeneration.

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