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Instant Bamboo Coffee 100gr

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Package with 100g of Bamboo Cafe.
Without caffeine; No coloring or flavoring; Lactose free; 100% natural; Organic farming ingredients; Positive effect on metabolism and digestion; It can be drunk at any time of the day;



Contains: Chicory, Wheat, Acorns, Figs and Barley.

Chicory - Its thick roots, which resemble turnips, are dried first, then roasted. Chicory has been used for many years as an alternative to coffee, due to its high content of bitter substances and enzymes.

Wheat - As it has a controlled biological culture, its flavor is soft and sweet, which refines the aroma of Bambu coffee.

Acorns - Acorns are rich in essential tannins for metabolism. They are organically grown and their fruits are harvested completely ripe, peeled and cut. They are then lightly roasted and finely ground to soften their flavor.

Figs - Turkish figs ripened in the sun, give Bambu® an incomparable fruity flavor.

Barley - Barley contains many valuable minerals, such as silica. They contribute to a healthy diet, rich in substances vital to the body.


Preparation of Bamboo Coffee:

You can prepare the Bambu® drink in the same way as any other instant coffee drink;
Alternatively, you can also add hot milk (or soy milk, rice, oats, etc.) instead of water, which makes it a delicious drink.
In summer, you can always refresh this drink with ice cubes.



The ideal drink for all those who wish and cannot drink coffee.
It has a positive effect on digestion and does not affect sleep or the heart.
It is also suitable for children.

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