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Baby Powder (TALK POWDER) 100g - Himalaya Herbals

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Baby Powder (TALK POWDER) 100g by Himalaya Herbals
Soft and Refreshing Talcum Powder for Baby.
Product not tested on animals and with 100% herbal active ingredients.

Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic product, free of harmful chemicals and of proven clinical efficacy.

Baby Powder by Himalaya Herbals is a soft and refreshing talcum powder, specially formulated as an aid in case of excessive sweating and for the relief of itching (itching) on ​​the baby's extremely soft and delicate skin, in addition to odor control.

Also indicated at any age, in daily hygiene and in the control of bad body odors.
Action of its main ingredients:
  • Olive Oils and Sweet Almonds - Deep nourish the baby's delicate skin, leaving it fresh, smooth, soft, without excess moisture.
  • Zinc - has antiseptic properties and accelerates healing in areas of irritated skin.

Easier exclusive external: sprinkle the talcum powder freely on the baby's skin, after bathing, at each diaper change and before bedtime.



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