Basmati Semi Brown Rice 500g - Celnat - Crisdietética

Basmati Semi Brown Rice 500g - Celnat

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Celnat Basmati Semi Brown Rice 500g

Cultivated for millennia in Asia, rice is now consumed worldwide and is the staple food for about half the world's population.

Originally from northern India, Basmati rice has a delicate fragrance. Naturally gluten-free, rice is the most easily digestible cereal.

Quick to cook, semi-brown rice is good for people who cannot consume too much fiber.




Usage Suggestions:

This semi-brown Basmati rice is best served hot as an accompaniment to all your vegetable dishes, vegetables, tofu, fish, meat, or cold ... as a base ingredient in many and varied salads. It can also be the basis for a vegetable filling or desserts, such as spiced rice pudding. It is ideal with fish, meat or vegetable curry.


1 cup of rice for 2 people. Place one volume of rice in 2 volumes of boiling salted water. Cook over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, covered. Allow to gain volume.

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