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Alpha Spirit Sticks Dog Chicken 16 units

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Alpha Spirit bars roll is the perfect snack for your dog's health. With a content of 85% meat and fish, these bars are the ideal complement to your dog's main food. They do not contain cereals and are also suitable for dogs with food sensitivities. Other selected ingredients, such as seaweed, which are especially rich in DHA (omega 3 and 6 long chain fatty acids) and improve your dog's circulation, help make this snack healthy. On the other hand, these bars contain brewer's yeast, which protects your dog's immune system and stimulates brain metabolism. 

General features

Hypoallergenic snack for dogs

Made only with fresh meat and fish (does not contain meat flour)

Cereal-free: ideal for dogs with allergies or intolerance to cereals

85% meat and fish: high quality protein sources

In a practical package that preserves freshness: the bars are individually packaged, in an easy-to-open package

Helps reduce tartar

Seaweed: with anti-inflammatory DHA

Brewer's yeast: for brain metabolism and the immune system

Chondroitin Sulfate: for joint cartilage

With zinc: for glowing skin and healthy skin

Patented technology (Tenderize Technology): for optimal digestibility



85% fresh meat and fresh fish (35% fresh meat, 20% fresh chicken, 20% fresh pork liver and 10% fresh fish), Legume sprouts, glycerol, 2,09% dehydrated seaweed, 0,70% Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast products, 0,15% glucosamine, 0,1% chondroitin sulfate

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 32%, Fat 8%, Ash 9,5%, Fiber 1%, Moisture 20%.

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