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Agar Agar 50g - Provided

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Provida Agar 50g

The secret of the depths of the ocean.

It is extracted from kelp (traditional kanten), has a great gelling power and is therefore used in the manufacture of gelatins.

It is used in the treatment of various diseases and also aesthetic problems.
Because it is removed from very deep areas of the oceans, the agar does not have any impurity, which guarantees a safe and risk-free intake, it is indicated for obese people, who need to moderate their appetite and lose weight.

When used as a gel, it creates a feeling of satiety, which makes you feel less hungry and consequently eat much less than usual. In addition, agar-agar still fights cellulite and the flaccidity caused by weight loss, also strengthening nails and hair.

Agar-agar can be found both in the form of powder, capsules and also in strips of dried seaweed.
It can be used in many different ways, such as compresses, soups and even teas.


Nutritional information:
By 100 g:
Calcium - 120mg;
Natural fiber - 94,8%.


Seaweed, AGAR-AGAR



How to use:
Use approximately 1 tablespoon per 1Lt of liquid. Soak in a little water before using (10min.).

Fruit gelatin with apple juice
Add the Agar-agar and boil for 5 minutes. Sweeten with rice jam or fructose.
In a deep container place several fruits cut into pieces (apple, pear, orange, strawberries, etc.) for a total of 1 kg.
Pour the juice into the container. Store in the refrigerator until solid.
It's ready to eat.


Store in a dry, cool and protected from the sun.

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