Agar Agar Flakes 50g - Provided - Chrysdietética

Agar Agar Seaweed 50g - Provida

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Agar Agar Seaweed 50g - Provida

Gelling agent.

- TThey have a great gelling power, which is why they are used in the manufacture of gelatins.


  • Agar-Agar (Hydrocolloid of plant origin).

Nutritional Statement
Per 100gr:

Energy - 1423kJ/336kcal; Lipids - 0,3g, of which saturated -0,1g; Carbohydrates - 73,2g, of which sugars - 3g; Fiber - 7,7g; Proteins - 6,2g; Salt - 0,3g

How to use 
Applications where there is a need for a gelling agent, as a substitute for those of animal origin. Most common application in the preparation of gelatins.

Packaging with 50 grams.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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