Hepadix 500ML - DALIPHARMA - Chrysdietetics

Hepadix 500ML - DALIPHARMA

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Hepadix 500ml - Dalipharma 

Liver diseases. 

Therapeutic indications

- Stomach diseases.
- Eliminates toxins from the body. 
- Diuretic action.
- Purifier 

For 25 ml:

  • Milk thistle -875 mg
  • Borututu -750mg
  • Artichoke -750 mg
  • Hill -110mg

Dosage and Administration
Take 1 dessert spoon (10ml) on an empty stomach and another spoonful 10 to 15 minutes before dinner, diluted in half a glass of warm water 

Packaging with 500ml. 

Do not exceed recommended serving. Keep out of the reach of children. 

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