Do you suffer from constipation? Improve your bowel function and stay pain free.

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Do you suffer from constipation? Learn how to avoid, stay pain free and improve your bowel function. 

Learn the best tips to avoid constipation.

There are ways to avoid constipation, starting with a complete and profound change in eating habits and ending in the practice of physical exercises in the routine. The simple change in behavior already causes the feeling of flat stomach to disappear completely. 

  • Eat foods that are natural laxatives

How about stimulating the functioning of the intestine by adding flaxseed and crumbs high in fiber? Also bet on the consumption of papaya and plum (which stimulate peristalsis), pumpkin, dark leafy vegetables and fruits with bagasse (such as orange). Avoid consuming processed foods, refined cereals, fruits with soluble fibers (such as apples and guava) and fatty or spicy foods. As for coffee, be careful. Despite having gastrin, a beneficial hormone for intestinal stimulation, its high consumption has a diuretic effect, which favors constipation.

  • Drink more liquid

Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water is essential for maintaining the health of the body. In addition to helping with weight loss, kidney work and physical performance, water is also the best friend of the intestine. It helps to absorb nutrients from all the foods we eat. 

Another reason for drinking water is that it is absorbed quickly by the fibers consumed, which can lead to dehydration. Therefore, both water and fiber intake must be balanced. 

  • Chew well

It may seem like something unimportant, but when you chew everything you bring to your mouth, the entire digestive system thanks you for your patience, as the foods that pass through the larynx and end in the stomach are more easily processed. 

In addition, some studies prove that by chewing food well, we balance the acidity levels in the stomach, avoiding problems such as reflux, acidity and gastritis. 

  • Avoid foods high in saturated and trans fats 

Even if you wanted to take a day out of the week to eat snacks, fried foods and other such foods, keep in mind that they are low in fiber and high in simple carbohydrates, in addition to fats, both saturated and trans. 

This combination can aggravate the situation of those who suffer from stuck intestinebecause it prevents the gastrointestinal tract from working correctly in absorbing the essential nutrients for its functioning and also in the formation of fecal bolus.  

  • Practice physical exercises 

The practice of physical activities is essential for the maintenance of body and mind. 

According to WHO (World Health Organization), men and women, the latter being the portion that suffers the most from intestinal constipation, should adopt some routine exercise, for at least 30 minutes every day. In doing so, you facilitate the movement of intestinal transit. 

In the medium and long term, this generates well-being and frees you from that unpleasant and persistent feeling on a full stomach, loses weight, gains muscle mass and even discovers the passion for a new sport.

  • Control your stress level

Emotions are linked to the functioning of the intestine. So, try to relax, looking for activities that bring pleasure and calm.

  • Consume probiotics

Microorganisms that help to balance our intestinal flora, probiotics are present in several yogurts and fermented milks. There is also an option to consume in capsules, with the same effect.
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Now that you know how to treat the stuck intestine, adopting new eating and living habits, take the time to check out other articles that are published in our blog. Also don't forget to visit our shop and keep your quality of life always up to date :)



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